Pourewa Restoration Group

The Pourewa Valley is in the heart of Auckland City. The remnant coastal forest is being restored by a number of volunteer groups headed by the Friends Of Pourewa Valley.

Selwyn Bush pest control

Trapping stations

A trapping programme was started in Selwyn Bush in May 2012. The first line was installed around the lower part of Selwyn Bush and consisted of 14 rat traps and 4 Possum traps. In the first 7 months there were 22 rats and 28 Possums killed. 

In April 2014 a second trapping line was started with 11 rat traps and 5 possum traps and covers the upper and middle areas of Selwyn Bush.

There were only 3 volunteers at the beginning but this has grown to around 6 now which is enough but we could always do with more trappers. If you are keen to be part of the team please contact Clair at: chobi@conservationvolunteers.co.nz


 Poison bait stations

We started the first poison bait line in February 2016. The reason for using poison is the rats become trap shy so for a long term pest control programme to succeed you need a number of options. The line consists of 13 stations and the poisons are 'pulsed' meaning the bait is only put out for short periods and 2 different poisons are used as per best practise protocols. There are signs posted around the area to warn people to keep their pets under control in this area.


    One of many friendly fantails in Selwyn Bush

A morepork seen just off the track in Selwyn Bush