Before and afters Before and afters Before work on car park slope The area was badly covered in Wooly Nightshade which was smothering any native trees that were attempting to grow 77610642 After work on car park slope Now there is a chance for the native trees to prosper 77610641 Before work was started on the stadium slope This area was basically a rubbish dump for everything and anything including things such as old microwaves, tires, paint cans and even a Mini - yes the car! 77610644 After the restoration on the stadium slope The slope has had all of the rubbish removed, and flaxes, grasses and Manuka tress have been planted and are thriving. Note also the Tree Ferns that previously were being smothered by morning glory and other weeds now have a chance. 77610646 Another photo of the stadium slope The flaxes have grown very well and are doing a good job of stabilising the slope 77611825