Pourewa Restoration Group

The Pourewa Valley is in the heart of Auckland City. The remnant coastal forest is being restored by a number of volunteer groups headed by the Friends Of Pourewa Valley.

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August 20 - 10 September 2017

Posted by pat on September 12, 2017 at 5:40 PM

Derek has returned and has been very energetic on his return to working in the valley.  Unfortunately Stephanie has had to leave us for a couple of months as she has personal issues to solve.

The amount of water in the valley makes it pretty dangerous navigating around the vsrious weeding areas needing attention. Last week was just too wet.The previous week saw Pat slipping over a couple of times.

However that was the week we located an area that had been planted and left. It had a very sprightly Kauri that had been so smothered by creeper in the summer/autumn that the growing tip had bent right over. Several Woolly Nightshade inspired the guys to set about with vigour and demolished the lot. Water logged conditions had killed a couple of Whau and a number of Five Finger.  We will keep an eye on this area and incorporate it into our schedule as it is stupid to let trees like Kauri be killed off by neglect.

The weeds are shooting up and are a real challenge. So a recent visit from CVNZ was very welcome. Their ongoing help is vital to the management of the valley. This visit they attacked emerging spring creeper near the felled Macrocarpa and the help was so appreciated. We are only 3 persons and we cannot get to all the areas we would like to tackle. See CVNZ here.

Sustainable Coastlines at Drury are having a olanting day and looking for volunteers. See them here. Are you able to help them create a bush strip?

The renewed trapping cycle has caught a possum and several rats and mice. Great work guys.

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